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Booking conditions:

Guest can booked the accommodation directly to the facility, or with telephone, fax, e-mail or at the authorized agent. Reservation is accepted by signing the "application for booking travel”, that means paying 30% of whole price or the whole amount. Payment for an arrangement can be done in installments or in full. The deadline for the last installment payment is 21 day before the arrangement start (unless otherwise agreed). After the final payment, the customer gets a voucher (proof for paid services that will be used) and other necessary documents. If the account isn't paid before, the customer is obligated to pay the full bill on the day of departure.

If you are staying longer than 7 days, the account must be paid every 7 days.

Acommodation prices

Price for accommodation includes the basic service as described at the accommodation unit from reservation. Special services are those services that are not included in the price and as such the customer pay. These services must be requested at booking process or at check-in at the reception. Prices are published in Croatian currency – KN. The landlord reserves the right to change the listed price. For customers who have paid an advance for their reservation, the host guarantees the price listed on the calculation according to the advance which was paid. If the changes occur prior to the advance payment, the landlord required to inform the customer. If the accommodation reaches more people than is indicated on the voucher , the host has the right to denied accommodation for unannounced guests or accept all guests with extra charge for unannounced guests directly made on the spot.

Categorization and description of services

The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the authorized institutions. Standards of accommodation, food, service and other, in different places and countries are different and not comparable.

Landlord's right to make a changes and cancellation

Landlord reserves the right to change the booking in extraordinary circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided or removed. Booked accommodation can only be changed with prior notification, with accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price at which the customer has a confirmed reservation. In case where paid accommodation can't be replaced, landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon the prior notification to the customer at least 7 days before arrival, and guarantees a full refund of the amount. If a suitable replacement is not possible on the day of arrival, the landlord will provide information on available accommodation that is not in the host's offer and guarantees the refund of the full amount paid for the reservation.

During the stay in a house, if there's a higher power, such as unexpected technical fault, fracture or loss of utilities (water, electricity, etc), landlord reserves the right to cancel a further stay in the house without any obligation to the guest, and customer is obligated to pay the amount to stay up to the date of termination of further stay. Landlord and customer may agree to transfer to another unit which isn't owned by the landlord, of course if both sides agree.

Guest's right to make a changes and cancellation

In case if guest want to change or cancel the reservation which is done by his request, he must contact us by e-mail, post or fax. Under the change it means a changing a number of person or date of beginning and/or end using service at least 30 days before arrival. The first change of reservation, if possible without additional cost, will be made free of charge. For each of the following changes of reservation will be charged in the amount of 150 KN per change. In the event that changing the reservation is not possible, and if the customer gives up the reservation, below are listed the cancellation terms that will be applied.

Change the acommondation units and any change within 30 days prior to arrival and during the reservation will be considered a cancellation.

In case of cancellation, the date of receipt of the written cancellation is used for the calculation of costs as follows:



If a guest in the accommodation unit doesn't come until midnight on the arrival date, and hasn't informed the landlord, the reservation will be canceled and the cancellation charges are calculated as described above. If actual costs exceed the above costs, landlord reserves the right to charge actual costs. If the customer cancels the trip, and find a replacement for the same reservation, the host will only charge the actual cost of replacement.

Costumer's obligations

Costumer is required:



Landlord is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation. Lost or stolen property reported to the landlord and the local police station.

Start & end of services

Accommodation services on arrival day start from 02:00 pm, and at departure day by 10:00 am (unless otherwise noted). Start the accommodation service is available earlier only in agreement with the landlord.