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Supetarska Draga

One of the oldest island villages, with a particularly rich nautical tradition, surrounded by nearby islets full of sandy and pebbly beaches, good restaurants, traditional produce, accommodation on land and sea and everything the small-scale mariner might need. Supetraska Draga is home to the oldest Benedictine convent on the island and to the Church of St Peter, which with its beauty attracts both the faithful and lovers of art, while on St Peter's Day (29th June), the Dražani, as the locals are known, will surprise you with a programme of culture, sports and entertainment.



One of the villages to have best preserved the appearance of an old fishing village, nestling in the abundance of the Dundo Forest nature reserve on the Kalifront peninsula, an oasis for hikers and bikers, with its variety of stone and sandy beaches, eco-friendly farm products and good restaurants. All this is Kampor – a charming play of old and new, just what the modern man is looking for. Particularly unique to Kampor is the Franciscan monastery of St Euphemia, patron of the parish and village, with its ethnographic museum, gallery of the works of Friar Ambroz Testen, one of the oldest stores of written Croatian works in this part of the Adriatic, while for the Magdalenino (Our Lady Magdalene) holiday, Easter Monday and the 16th September on St Euphemia’s Day, we can all enjoy the cultural events and entertainment put on in the village.



A tourist village close to and with a view of the old town centre, known for its sandy inlet beaches – Padova I, II and III – and also featuring the Lungo Mare promenade, and especially its rich cuisine, eco-friendly farm products, wide assortment of accommodation and in the midst of it all the proud figure of its patron St Lucia. Also,while on 5th August, the holiday known as Šištovica (Our Lady of the Snow), visitors can expect traditional entertainment and culture.       



When you get off the ferry, the first place that awaits you is Barbat, recognizable for its pebble beaches, rich fishing tradition, good restaurants, eco-friendly farm products, small boat building and above all its tourism. This town is heaven for lovers of the sea on a small scale. Those interested in the history of Barbat can take a trip to the ruins of an old Christian Greek military fortification on St Damien’s Hill, on the Karmenica holiday (festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel), celebrated on the 16th July, guests and locals alike can revel in the delicacies that are Barbat’s fruits of the earth and the sea.



What Umbria is to Italy, Mundanije is to the island of Rab – a village situated in the central area of the island, the only one with no direct access to the sea. It draws people in with its tranquillity and healthy, untouched natural surroundings and organic farm produce, while one of the main attractions is the path leading up to the highest peak on the island, called Kamenjak, from which a beautiful panorama extends over almost the whole island.



The youngest place on the island, right next to the old town centre itself, known for the shopping to be done in the Poslovni Centar, good restaurants, proximity to the town's stony beach called Škver and the peninsula Frkanj, favourite bathing spot of guests of Rab and to the oldest naturist beach in the Adriatic, in the Kandalora bay.