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The Macinj Rock

The western side of the Goli Otok island, just 25m from the shore, reached by boat.

Location description

This rock protrudes from the water, diving is possible all the way around the rock and you can descend to the desired depth down one side (e.g. the shelf at 26m), slowly circle the rock and head back up.

Special features of the location

Shelf at 26m, larger fish frequently to be seen, as well as catfish and rich flora and fauna.


Kalifront Peninsula

Located around 500m southwest of the lighthouse, in the area of Rab known as Kalifront, reached by boat.

Location description

Underwater reef in the open sea, highest point of the plateau is at 20m, steeply descending to 50m depth towards the southwest, deep and orientation diving, anchoring on Rab, descent via anchor line, following the reef from south to northwest.

Special features of the location

Exceptionally rich flora and fauna, sea whips, crabs, conger eels and numerous white fish varieties.


Kosača Peninsula

Northwestern tip of the island of Grgur, accessible only by boat, directly off shore.

Location description

Reef with sheer wall on the southeastern side, with a mild drop-off on the other, beginning on land in the direction of Baška to a depth of 57m, depth diving, dives are along the ridge of the reef to the tip, with its red sea whips, returning parallel to the wall.

Special features of the location

Flora and fauna, abundance of colours, sea whips.